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Pieces for a press release I wrote for Panopticon Gallery.  The designs were inspired by the show's upbeat whimsy.


Souma is a casual piece of footwear created by Shawna Cheng. The shoe has built-in components that help offset injuries and provide support/

comfort for the achilles tendon. The design of the shoe was inspired by the anime Argento Soma. For the advertising design I also drew from the anime's cyberpunk aesthetic. I kept the shoe's color palette for the background graphic but excluded the orange in the sole because I wanted it to remain the main pop of color. I created the tagline "Enhance your everyday" to reference both the cyborgs that inspired the design and the shoe's medical functionality.  


Dolma is a backpack created by Shawna Cheng inspired by ancient east asian textiles and landscape painting. For the makeup/styling of the model I looked at traditional Chinese opera makeup  and shot the model with movement in mind. For the background graphics I collaged various public domain images of ancient east asian textiles and landscape paintings.  I created the tag line "traverse artistic terrain" to reference, once again, the ancient art influences. I wanted the model and backpack to appear to be moving through an abstracted, colorful landscape. 


For the second iteration of the ad campaign the client, building off the idea of "artistic terrain", wanted something more minimalistic, gritty, and that drew more from "high fashion". For the image I wanted the model to look less posed, more like she had just come back from a long hike. Her hair is mussed and she appears to be in a moment of rest. The single page ad is formatted to look like a polaroid snapshot.


A gif created for an online advertisement for shoes inspired by 1980s bowling shoes. I created the graphic thinking about vintage reebok and vans ads as well late 80s early 90s textile prints. 


A series for a nutritionist office with piled fruit shaped into a stomach and a heart. I created the tagline "dissect what you eat." to encourage the viewer to think of food in medical terms and to imply that understanding what to eat takes a surgeon like specialist 

A set of animated promotional videos for Panopticon Gallery's Flight of Fancy Exhibition. The animations are created from slicing up photographs featured in the exhibition. 

A series of bookmarks created for the gallery's upcoming exhibition 

focusing on photographs of books 

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